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Recycling the Parts of a Junk Car, Part 1

You can get rid of your junkyard car and get paid for it at the same time with services from Raimo Scrap Iron & Metal, which recycles junk cars in Sussex County, NJ. Many junk cars have parts that can still be refurbished by cleaning, reconditioning, testing and put back on the market for sale to buyers who don’t want to pay for new replacement parts or who can’t find what they need for old or unusual vehicles. Outer components, such as doors, bumpers, and mirrors, are also recycled for reuse if they are still in good shape. Some of the parts that are most commonly pulled from the inner workings of cars include:

  • Engines
  • Transmissions
  • Starters
  • Axels
  • Batteries
  • Alternators

Batteries that still work can be resold, but the lead from dead batteries must be removed. Once removed from the dead battery, lead can be used to make new batteries, which is great for the environment.  Batteries are the parts of vehicles that are recycled more than any other part because both the lead and the plastic are reused.

As for tires, there are a number of uses for recycled tires; however, most are not reused to make new tires. You may have noticed rubber tire pieces that cover playgrounds. Not as noticeable are the recycled tires that become components of highway asphalt. Other uses of old tires are as fuel in paper mills, as garden mulch, welcome mats, railroad ties, and much more.