Help Keep Landfills Empty with Metal Recycling

metal recycling byram township njThere’s no doubt that we are living in a throwaway society, with many new products made to be tossed in the trash when they fail with no regard for repairs or even recycling. That approach just leads to more things being thrown out and cluttering up our already crowded landfills.

Once a landfill site nears capacity, additional pieces of property that could have been used for other purposes are pressed into service to hold more garbage. It’s a vicious cycle that feeds on itself, but there is a way to break the circle.

Metal recycling in Byram Township, NJ, is one piece of the puzzle in reducing the pressure that is placed on landfill sites. Rather than throwing an old refrigerator away, for example, it can be salvaged for useful metal while also safely removing the harmful chemicals it may contain. In that way, the environment is the winner, and so are you for getting rid of something that’s not easy to dispose of and also takes up space.

Another example that is easy to relate to metal recycling in Byram Township, NJ, is that of a car. There’s plenty of metal in an old sedan that can be put to better use as raw material for newer products than taking up landfill space. Some companies, such as Raimo Scrap Iron & Metal, even pay for junked cars. It’s a good deal to take advantage of today.