Scrap Metal Recycling in Passaic County, NJ & Beyond

Receive top dollar for your unwanted materials when you choose our services for scrap metal recycling in Passaic County, NJ. With roots dating back to 1910, Raimo Scrap Iron & Metal is your top source for scrap iron and metal recycling and salvage services for individuals and businesses throughout the region. We make it easy for you to eliminate your materials without clogging our local landfills. Speak with us today to get paid for all of your unused materials.

Salvage Services: The Environmental Option

Do you have unwanted metal items sitting around your home or business? Whether you recently upgraded your kitchen appliances or you have a piece of machinery that no longer works properly, you may be wondering what to do with your items.

Instead of tossing these pieces into the trash and letting them fill up the landfill, turn to a professional to recycle your metal. By working with us, you will eliminate your unwanted metal items without causing harm to the environment. We give you a simple way to turn your pieces into cash.

How does the recycling process work? We separate the metal from the other building materials and process it so it can be made into something else. Our goal during the wrecking and dismantling process is to recycle or reuse as many materials as possible in order to minimize the impact on the world around us.

Our local company is available to perform a series of scrap iron and metal recycling in Morris County, NJ, and all of the surrounding areas. When you turn to us, you will receive the leading standard of service for each of your needs. We use the top equipment in the industry to complete the following services:

  • On-Site Baling and Bundling
  • Forklift Services
  • Bucket Loader Services
  • 10-40 Yard Dumpster Service
  • Lowboy and Landoll Trailer Services
  • Roll Off Container Service
  • Salvage Services
  • Wrecking and Dismantling

Top Dollar for Your Scrap Iron

No matter what type of metal your demolition project contains, you can count on us to complete your scrap iron and metal services at our metal recycling facility in Sussex County, NJ. We accept a variety of different recyclable materials from our residential, commercial, and industrial clients. From copper wiring and old appliances to car parts and copper pots, you are free to recycle each of your unneeded items. Speak with us to discuss your materials and learn what qualifies for our salvage services.

Contact us to request our scrap iron and metal services for your home or business. We proudly feature salvage services for clients throughout Passaic County, Morris County, and Sussex County, New Jersey.